Group Trainings

Group Trainings are designed to provide players that have achieved a certain level of baseball skills that enables them to work in a group and a station to station scenario.  Group Training is designed so the player can get the needed hitting repetition they are not receiving at practices or games and is an adjunct to Private Lessons.  

Group Trainings includes hitting station work including:

  • Hitting off our Hack Attack (Rapsodo Analytics may be added for additional charge)
  • Tee Work
  • Hitting from Live Arm BP

Group Trainings are 60 minutes in length. If you have any questions about if your skill level will fit Membership Training please reach out to us for discussions.  Memberships are offered in 3, 8, and 25 one hour sessions per month and are offered at discounted rates.    Schedule now or call 727-216-6883 with any questions.